I think that in general, people in our industry have a strong sense of their own intrinsic brilliance. We’re defined, it seems, by our ability to solve complex problems. It’s all too easy for those of us that continue in our careers to feel a sense of intellectual entitlement; the view that we are masters of our domain. That feeling of mastery can often provide a great deal of satisfaction. However, it can also be a huge limitation if not a downright liability.

I had an opportunity to be reminded of that today. It’s painful, sure, but consider the alternative. Imagine the sorts of opportunities that are missed when you think you know more than others. No matter how gifted, no single person knows everything. Realizing that you don’t know everything is half the battle. Be inquisitive. Destroy your ego.  In the process you end up preparing a space to receive, learn, and grow.

A big thanks goes out to those that illustrate this lesson for us.  Know thyself.